THERE ARE A FEW BRANDS WE LOVE PROFOUNDLY, both as a kid and as a grown-up, as consumers and as professionals as well when dealing with these brands, discovering their story and all the details that make them stars and heroes. It’s a heart thing. It’s an icon thing.


After the French PETIT BATEAU, DIOR and the American fashion god TOM FORD, let’s have a look at one beautiful German brand belonging to everyday life of German families for 4 generations: LEIBNIZ. THE „KEKS“. THE ORIGINAL. WITH 52 TEETH & WITH „KNACKFRISCH-GARANTIE“ (the German language is always so beautifully descriptive... something like „crisp-fresh guarantee“ would do it). A brand and products you would typically find in the shopping basket of Harmonizers, if we take the limbic neuro-model, or just of all lovers of good tasty products we’ve known for ages. In the no. 1 of this series, we had a look at the factors making Petit Bateau so iconic, and, even more important, so lovely. In a completely different category, Leibniz too successfully hits the nail on the head for the key 4 parameters of a cult brand:


Born in 1891 in the Hanseatic city of Hannover. Named after Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, one of the illustrious Hannover townsmen, a philosopher, mathematician, politician and militant of the early German Aufklärung in the 17th century. Part of the legacy is the “no compromise” philosophy of the Bahlsen parent company in terms of highest quality. Best ingredients. Nothing in there that doesn’t belong in. Baking know-how. Self-similarity (you truly want your Leibniz to taste the same as when you were 5 years old and got one from Granny). All in. By the way, Leibniz claims to be the original with 52 teeth – as loud as Lu would claim the same in France (the famous French Petit Beurre was born 1886). Who was first? No one really knows, and no one really cares… Both great brands have their own true legacy and legitimacy. As for all iconic brands, a perfect fusion of legacy, and of constant redefinition injected as well in positioning, campaign and design, can be truly mirrored in the portfolio itself: The Classics, to be found in almost every German kitchen, picnic basket and holiday survival kit, are the beloved basics for the huge fan-base. But today perfectly complemented with the “Freshmen” of the portfolio. Then…

Not resting on their laurels, Leibniz truly understood how to inject innovation into such a traditional brand with such loyal consumers. Developing peu à peu a Kids range under the name LEIBNIZ ZOO (you never start too early to make fans…), a snacking offer with handy tasty bites named LEIBNIZ SNACKS or LEIBNIZ MINIS, finally adding some delicious chocolaty products for those of us having a sweet tooth, the brand succeeded in keeping the lovers and heavy users curious and eager to try new things as well as in attracting new consumers. That’s how it’s done.

Whereas Petit Bateau has its core around creative playfulness, LEIBNIZ plays a true role in the consumer everyday journey. The sparkling spirit of the brand is made of simplicity, authenticity, joyfulness, liveliness, and just of the right taste, the right bite for the right little moment.

The brand itself, the products - classics and freshmen, the lighthearted and positive universe around LEIBNIZ talk to the hearts of young and old. Basically, it’s all about tasty easy Kekse. Metaphysically, it's all about a simple moment of joy. And this is very powerful today.


Background: At the time CEO of Dragon Rouge Germany, I had the great pleasure to infuse strategic impulses leading to the new brand essence “enjoy the crunchy taste of life” and to lead the design work. Around the 125th anniversary of LEIBNIZ, choosing a tribute to the strong heritage but at the same time injecting contemporary freshness, we opted for a respectful visual evolution - which truly works. Launched 2016, the new look convinces both retailers and consumers. The reactions were enthusiastic: “They’ve done something, but I recognise my brand.” “One can navigate much easier.” “It’s fresh. It’s great.” “I just love it.”


In this spirit, a big thank you! to the Bahlsen management and the Leibniz marketing team. And on a more personal note: Ein ganz besonderer, tiefer Gedanke für K.


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